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Monday, 09 February 2009 16:46

Green Tech Academy (GTA) offers a unique learning experience geared towards individuals interested in re-engineering their professional careers and learning more about the rapidly growing clean tech industry.

Delivered in partnership with BoomerangCoach, Green Tech Academy workshops provide a unique combination of instruction in clean technologies (such as biofuels, solar, transportation, green building and smart grid) coupled with powerful coaching methodologies. We provide a comprehensive overview of market trends, sustainability frameworks and the hottest and fastest growing career opportunities. Through our unique blend of coaching and instruction, we equip our participants with the networking and job search tools to enable them to pursue their new career goals.

During the course of GTA seminars, participants work interactively on their own career development plans, and leave the day with a new network of colleagues and concrete ideas for achieving their clean tech/sustainability career goals!



Sample course modules

Green Jobs Landscape

What they are, what they pay, where they can be found and what you must do to prepare yourself for a career in this industry.  Our jobs overview will show you what you need to know to enter the rapidly growing green and clean tech marketplace or how to turn your existing job into a green job.  

Clean Tech Market Overview

Understand the trends that are currently shaping this rapidly changing marketplace.  We will provide participants with a “roadmap” of the dynamic clean tech marketplace and strategies for charting your personalized career direction. Course instructors outline emerging opportunities and how to pursue them successfully

Green Building and Sustainability

Learn more about the leading green building standards and sustainability practices proliferating in this growing industry segment.  Develop a deeper understanding of energy efficiency and green building technologies.

Solar Industry - Beyond the Hype

Solar energy is a darling of the renewable energy arena, but is it over-hyped?  Learn what's hot and what's not and which promising companies to target in your region.  We will highlight employment opportunities and what you need to know to pursue a career in this field.

Biodiesel and Biomass

The biofuel industry is both promising and controversial. We discuss how biofuel is produced, industry leaders, market trends, and the type of background and training needed to transition into the field.

The "Politics" of Green

Public policy impacts every area of green technology.  Find out how you can take advantage of new regulations and funding options that are now being put into place by both the state and federal government.  What do you need to understand as a salesperson or independent businessperson who would like to secure a contract from a government agency?  How do LEED standards affect you if you're a lawyer or contractor?  Get the answer to these questions and more as we discuss the changing landscape of public policy.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Women in Green Careers

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